Torus Features / Rig up

Features and Rig-Up:

The Torus is a ‘pressure-close’/’vent-open’ BOP, and can be operated with any pressured media including nitrogen, water, or hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid is preferred. One high pressure flexible hose, preferably 1” hose, is necessary to connect the pressure source to only one of the two 1” NPT ports located on the Torus body. Two (2) 1” ports are available on the Torus, 180 degrees apart, for convenience only. On an accumulator closing unit that employs a 4-way, 3-position shear seal valve (typical hardware), the hydraulic hose should be connected to the “Close” port on the back of the closing unit. The “Open” port must be plugged. A 1” 3,000 psi ball valve is recommended to be installed between the Torus and the hydraulic hose.

Another feature of the Torus, desirable for stripping operations, is the “fine-tuning” capability which can reduce friction between objects being stripped and the inner packing element of the Torus.  If stripping operations are to be ongoing, a special hydraulic pressure regulator should be installed on the closing unit to facilitate fine-tuning —manual hydraulic regulators do not provide such precise control.

NOTE:  Although the Torus BOP can be used in stripping applications, damage to the inner packing element from the stripping process is not covered by our warranty.