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TORUS PRESSURE CONTROL offers the Regan Torus and Type K designs.

The REGAN ‘TORUS’ Blowout Preventer provides a smaller, lighter and less expensive BOP.  It can seal around irregular shapes and multiple objects in the well bore – with a ‘soft’ touch to leave ESP cables, Capillary Injection Strings and Fiberglass tubing undamaged!  The ‘NEW DS’ is even smaller and lighter than before!  Available in 7-1/16″,  9″ & 11″ bore sizes rated to 2,000 or 3,000 psi

Half the weight!

 LITE BOP: Smaller & Lighter!

The REGAN TYPE K Blowout Preventer: simple, rugged, single element BOP around since the 1930s.   Time tested & field proven in drilling and mining applications.  3″, 4″ & 6″ Bore Type K Blowout Preventers plus the new 3″ x 3M Barrel Type K in Corrosion Resistant Aircraft Grade 6061 Alloy is 1/4 the weight! 

We offer Packing Elements for 3″ through 13-3/8″ Type K Preventers.

* * * * Our products are in service on 6 continents!  We can ship world-wide. * * * * * * 

We can supply Accumulators, Spools, Pumps, Fittings & accessories for your project.