1. Prepare the Outer Packer Assembly.
    • Split Keeper type: Install the split keeper halves in the groove on the outside diameter of the outer packer. CAUTION!! Care should be taken not to nick or tear the outer packer.

      Outer Packer

    • One Piece ‘DS’ Type:  Install (2) o rings in the top & bottom grooves on the outside of the packer.
  2. Lubricate the inside of the BOP body and outside of the outer packer with light oil. Do not use heavy grease.
  3. Install the outer packer assembly into the BOP body.  CAUTION!!  Do not align split keeper holes with inlet ports in the body.
  4. Lubricate the inner packer with light oil and install it inside the outer packer.  Ensure packers are both seated into the body.

    Inner Packer

  5. Replace the bonnet to body seal. (May be hydraulic packing or an o ring)
    • If there is a groove on the under side of the bonnet, install hydraulic packing. Over lap the ends of the packing on each other and trim to fit (cut at a 45 degree angle).
    • If there is a groove in the top of the body, just inside the studs, install an o ring into the groove.
  6. Use ‘Never-Seize’ or equivalent on the stud threads. Install & torque the nuts to 800-1,000 ft-lbs.
  7. Apply thread tape or dope to threads and install plugs / fittings into 1″ NPT body port(s), as required.